Therapy for anxiety and substance use disorders

Specializing in anxiety and addiction therapy for motivated adults

Theresa Schaffer
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Do you wish you could stop worrying so much? Do you feel anxiety and fear are limiting the way your live your life? Whether you’re having frequent panic attacks, spiraling anxiety or you can’t stop worrying about your health, I can help you learn to stop giving anxiety so much control over your thoughts and beliefs so that you can find the freedom to live feeling more confident and self-assured.


Have you noticed that you are drinking or using other substances more than you used to? Have you tried to stop but find that you keep returning to it? Are you or someone you love concerned about it? I can help you gain insight into why you are continue to drink or use substances and learn how to mange emotions that usually lead to increased alcohol and other substance use.


I believe we all have an inner knowing that guides us, but it often becomes difficult to hear that inner voice when it gets clouded by negative thoughts and feelings. Together, we will figure out how to get unstuck and begin living the life you want

Areas of Expertise

Providing individual therapy for motivated adults since 2001. 


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