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Life can throw a lot at us, and sometimes, it feels like anxiety has taken the driver’s seat. If that sounds familiar, meet Theresa Schaffer – your understanding and caring anxiety specialist right here in Atlanta. She’s not just about counseling; she’s about guiding you toward a life where peace and calm take center stage.

Why Theresa Schaffer as Your Go-To Anxiety Specialist?


Theresa brings more than expertise to the table; she brings genuine care. As your anxiety specialist in Atlanta, her approach is all about you. Tailored strategies, personalized support, and evidence-based methods – it’s not just counseling; it’s a partnership towards managing and overcoming your unique anxiety challenges.


Theresa’s not here to just treat symptoms; she’s here to empower you with the tools to face life confidently. Her empathetic nature creates a safe space where you’re not just heard but truly understood. Theresa’s goal? To help you not only address anxiety now but to equip you with the resilience to face life’s ups and downs.


Anxiety disorders that I specialize in:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) or excessive and unrelenting worry about a number of things that can negatively impact how you function.
  • Panic attacks that feel like they come out of nowhere. Preoccupation about having another panic attack.
  • Health anxiety involving excessive fear, preoccupation, and worry that you have a serious medical condition or are going to develop one, being easily alarmed or distressed if you notice a physical sensation or symptom, seeing multiple healthcare professionals due to these concerns, frequent checking for signs of illness, doing excessive research about illness on the internet, and seeking reassurance from friends, family, and physicians about your health.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a chronic condition characterized by repetitive obsessions (thoughts, urges, doubts, or images) that you do not want to have and are distressed by and compulsions (physical or mental behaviors) that are performed to alleviate distress.


Hi, my name is Theresa Schaffer and I am very passionate about helping you get the specific help you need through counseling for anxiety, in order to feel in control of your life again. Is this you? Send me a message today and let's see if we are a good fit!

Anxiety Counseling Tailored for You:


No one-size-fits-all here. Theresa’s Anxiety Counseling is as unique as you are. Whether you’re dealing with everyday worries or more specific anxieties like social anxiety or phobias, Theresa’s got your back.


– One-on-One Support: Theresa’s individual counseling sessions provide a private and comfortable space for you to open up, explore, and work towards real change.


– Practical Tools with CBT: Theresa uses Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you identify and tackle negative thought patterns – practical tools to manage and lessen anxiety.


– Mindfulness and Relaxation: Expect a touch of mindfulness to keep you grounded, reduce stress, and infuse calm into your daily life.


– Facing Fears Safely: If there are specific fears holding you back, Theresa employs exposure therapy, a gentle technique to help you confront and overcome them.


– Stress Management Magic: Learn practical stress-busting skills, improve your time management, and boost your overall well-being.

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If you are in need of a gentle listening ear that will help guide you in a better direction, I can help. Send me a message today and let's get started!

Common Questions

We will work as a team to help you change thought processes, so you don’t keep repeating the same unhelpful thought patterns and behaviors. Think of it as changing your usual travel routes because your destinations have changed. (You found a new job; you’re going to a different school; you’ve switched grocery stores; etc.) You will learn and practice new coping strategies that can help you improve the way you manage thoughts and feelings for the better. You will have to do some work on your own, outside of sessions, but it’s worth it to improve your quality of life.

Our first session will typically last 60 minutes so that we can discuss your history and goals. We’ll meet weekly for the first four weeks, typically for 45 minute sessions. After that, we can discuss how often we’ll continue to meet. 

I am in-network with UnitedHealthcare, Aetna and Cigna. 


We will meet every week for the first four weeks to develop a good working relationship and gain momentum to work on your goals. Then we’ll discuss how often we will continue to meet.

If you won’t be using insurance the cost of a 50 minute session is $185. I can provide you with a superbill that you can file with your insurance company for possible reimbursement. 

One of the most important aspects of therapy is having a therapist that you can trust. You want to find someone who resonates with you. Often that means a therapist with authenticity, empathy, compassion and maybe a sense of humor. Do you feel heard and understood? That’s a good sign.

The number of sessions and the frequency necessary will vary depending on you and your goals. We will be regularly checking in during our sessions to discuss the changes you are making and adjust accordingly.

I offer teletherapy and provide virtual sessions to residents of Georgia. All you need is a private area free from interruptions and a good internet connection.

Call me or email me to schedule a free 10 minute phone consultation. We’ll see if we’re a good fit. 

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